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It can now easily differentiate between a high-quality link vs. a spammy link merely created to manipulate its ranking algorithms. Qualities of a High-Quality Link. For a link to be deemed of high quality in the sight of Google, it should carry the following attributes -. Earned via Quality Content. You should earn a link by creating quality content. A web admin should editorially place the link on his website, if he finds your content useful and inspiring for his readers. Your Backlink should come from authority websites only. The authority websites have already had a Vote of Confidence, i.e, a lot of good quality pointing to their website. A link arriving at your website from trusted sources like Huffpost or Inc Magazine will carry more value than the one coming from a newly built site with very few backlinks. Though Google doesnt assign any number to quantify the Authority of websites, there are 3rd party tools that provide a number that helps to get an idea of the websites strength. So, you can use Ahrefs Domain Rating Checker or Moz Domain Authority Checker to know the authority or the link profile strength of a website.
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I decided to create a project and make the startup by myself as an example for others. this is so hard. You design and you create content but the main thing is that you have to build this links relation and, at least to me, thats huge! Id love to have the possibility of having you in my podcast if I get to started someday! Brian Dean says.: Youre welcome, Luis. For real: SEO can be confusing for sure. I recommend starting and focusing on keyword research and going from there. Thats the foundation. Thanks a lot. Im starting from there. You are an incredible source of knowledge, thanks so much. Davis Baer says.: Once again, you have killed it Brian! Cant believe I made it into your post. Brian Dean says.: Milos Nikolic says.: Now thats a comprehensive list. Thanks for putting all of this under one roof, Brian! Brian Dean says.: Youre welcome, Milos. I hope this page will be the go-to spot for link building tactics from now on.
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Watch this video about building your Reddit authority.: Reddit uses no follow tags as well as do follow ones. Whenever you post a new link, it is no-follow by default, but only if you use a new account. There is no definite answer for when you start to get do follow links.
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You can use the following sites for easy-to-make infographic templates, to hire professionals to create them for you, or to submit your own.: Link Building with Social Bookmarking Sites. Social bookmarking sites where users can easily add, edit, and share content across the web help you get high-quality backlinks that drive traffic to your website. In order to learn how to build links with social bookmarking sites that help you get quality linkage to the next level, I have put together some of the bookmarking sites that you can consider.: Reddit is a social news bookmarking, web content rating, and discussion website that can be used to drive huge traffic to your website within a few weeks.
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Reddits Authority Link building. You cant get away from the fact that Reddit is a bit of a behemoth. For those that love the stats, and all of you SEOs out there, Reddit has a Domain Authority of 90, 2.8 billion yes with a B backlinks and around 1.5 billion visits per month. No wonder people are asking themselves whether a strong presence on Reddit can be helpful for SEO! The most obvious potential would be in the form of backlinks. DAs of 90 are few and far between, especially in a forum format where links can be posted at will. However, forums have historically been a hotbed of linkspam, prompting many to impose a sitewide no follow on all outbound links. Clearly, this would significantly reduce the impact of a link posted on Reddit. Reddit also do not allow for bio links to be included, although the value associated with your bio page is likely to be low, no matter how much karma you have.
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This helps you write an easily quotable response that ticks all the boxes the journalist is looking for. As a HARO link building service, we have a refined process that ensures all responses meet these criteria. We used this system when responding to the Legal Zoom request and the writer used our answer. You can see it in the screenshot below. RavenTools HARO Link. We also used HARO to get the link below on Raventools, a DR 79 website. The request was for agency owners to talk about their best tips for predictable lead generation. As an agency, we were well suited to reply. Our explanation on how to use YouTube to generate leads was used. Top tip for inspiration. Look at Quora and Reddit threads related to the topic being pitched. Those are often gold mines for finding interesting viewpoints that you can 're-word' into your own HARO journalist pitch. Want High Authority Backlinks on Autopilot? Get in Touch Get in Touch. The Secret SEO Sauce - One of Our Responses.
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Then, you can contact those websites and ask for links to your site. By looking at the website before reaching out, you can create a more personalized message. You can also look up the best ranking content on their site to see if theres any alignment with your articles and business. Find out if there are any link building opportunities by doing cold outreach or by contacting the SEO employee at that company. Subreddit Moderator Method. This is a very little known method of generating backlinks on Reddit and is lower in difficulty than the last method because you dont have to generate social proof as a means of turning the backlink into a dofollow link. Even if you have no previous experience using Reddit this is an accessible way to get backlinks without having to engage with subreddit communities. Heres how to generate dofollow links to your website from Reddit.:
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Professional presentation sharing: SlideShare. If your business is involved in some service providing, you might be making presentations for webinars or meetups. You all might be aware of, it is owned by LinkedIn and it is free for all. It is a channel where you can share your information through document style. Another gold mine content websites like Quora, Wikipedia, and this website is highly valuable in terms of content. You can register and make a profile to submit your content. One of the best things about Slideshare is, it allows embedding slide decks on your website. You can mention your links in profile and description of the SlideShare content. Just like we told you about building broken links in Wikipedia, you can do same on SlideShare. Look for the large websites and find out the broken links to submit your links. If you really want to try this platform for SEO, we are experts at this. It will take some time but you will have a unique reach to your audience. If you want advanced marketing benefits, use this trick.
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How to use Reddit to Generate Leads by Jesse Aaron. 6 Ways to use Reddit to Grow your Business by Ben Beck. well Note: Reddit has a built-in ad platform that you can get traffic from very cheaply, I suggest you check out the first further reading article Ive linked to if youre interested in paid traffic from Reddit. /well. I hope you enjoyed this post, and it helps you push those traffic numbers up on Reddit. Drop a comment with your experiences and tips for using Reddit in the comments below. I just released my free 15,000, word marketing eBook here, if you havent already, check it out. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. my best posts. The Best Link Building Guide Ever 2017. ECommerce SEO Guide 2018. OnPage SEO Guide 2016. Referring Domains - Whats The Difference? In The SEO World, Backlinks And Referring Domains Mean Two Different Things - So In This Post Ill Tell You Exactly What That Is.
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If you discover some fascinating link or website that you may want to share, you just have to click a tab in your browser to vote it up or down. Indeed, you can share your links to companions, associates and friends and with different business experts. In the event that your post has higher votes, which relies on your network and quality substance, then Reddit can bring about a lot of traffic to your website. It will permit you to quickly make brand presentation for business or you can get longstandingfollowers and readers of your blog. You can accomplish great number of backlinks from this website and a whole lot of visitors for an extensive period. It is likewise imperative to expand your network through Reddit to make the most of your effort. Utilizing Reddit will additionally permit your website to spread virally amongstother social networking sites, online communities or forums. This creates general buzz for your brand or idea besides helping in building incoming links for your website, which will eventually enhance the ranking of your website.
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Once they cite you and use your data, youll get backlinks in return. When you have quality stats and expert data, you can outreach to virtually anyone in your niche. Numbers and facts are the fastest way to reach a status of authority. Answering Customer Questions. Although the direct SEO value of interacting on forums like Quora and Reddit is still up for debate, many companies are beginning to adopt this tactic. Links from question and answer style websites are a great way to navigate traffic to your website. At the same time, they can help to highlight your position as a thought leader or authority in your industry. You can also use sites like Quora and Reddit to figure out what kind of questions your customers are asking and use that information as inspiration for your blog or keyword research. Try tactics like.: Posting answers to common questions on Quora: Make sure that the answer is in-depth and brimming with useful statistics. Link back to your website where possible, but dont be overly promotional.
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